There are many reasons why one would choose to sell their home. Job relocation, room to start a family, or a desire to upgrade or downgrade are amongst the motivating factors surrounding the decision to sell a house. Many sellers are retirees looking to purchase a small townhouse or condominium.

These communities often perform monotonous maintenance and gardening for residents. This is appealing for retirees who raised families in larger homes, where yard work was an important part of home maintenance. Whatever the reason for selling a home, whether you live in Markham, Unionviile, Stouffville or any other area, there are important factors to consider and a protocol that is necessary to follow.

SellersAgentTalkHire a Real Estate Agent

The first and most important part of selling a home is to hire a real estate agent. Many sellers get caught up in spending money to fix known repairs or make upgrades, which can be a costly mistake.

 A real estate representative will work directly with the seller and home inspector to determine what repairs, if any, are needed. Ask a realtor how they plan to market the home for sale and have them generate a marketing analysis of the home compared to those that have recently sold in the area.

Stage Your HomeSellersStageHome

Staging is another important aspect of selling a home. Bulky furniture and unsightly home furnishings or decor tend to detract buyers' interest, as does lawn clutter or unkempt yards. Some sellers choose to hire a staging crew or interior design team to rearrange or organize a room to maximize its potential to sell. Home appearance is one of the most important factors of the sale.

The initial impression a home makes for potential buyers' is very important. Therefore, the atmosphere should create a good feeling. If a home smells nice and looks aesthetically-pleasing, it captivates the buyer and feels like home to them. Painting is another nominal cost that can add overall value to a home. Replacing lights, knobs, and outdated or broken fixtures is a small gesture that can increase the overall price of a home.

SellersSoldHomeDo Not Buy a New Home

Before You Have Sold Your Old Home

Sellers often begin searching for their new condominium or house as soon as theirs is on the market. This is a bad idea. Sellers can get carried away looking at homes that they believe they will be able to afford once their home sells. There is no way to tell how much a home will sell for, or how long it will take to sell. It is always more profitable to wait until the sale is pending before beginning the search for a new home.

Sale clauses include move-in dates for buyers and move-out dates for sellers, to ensure plenty of time for a new residence to be purchased. A patient seller who is willing to put the time and energy into making small improvements in their home's appearance are likely to draw in many eager buyers. A realistic time line and approach to the sale of the home coupled with the advice of a real estate professional ensures that buyers will be clamouring over the opportunity to buy, and top dollar is earned for the sale.